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Welcome to Khao San Thai Kitchen - Thai Restaurant on 17th Ave SW Calgary

We think you will agree that "Khao San" is a very fitting name for our new Thai restaurant. In the Thai language the words mean milled rice. To us, as Thai people, rice is more than just our staple food; it is an important part of a rich cultural heritage that goes back hundreds of years. Rice is prepared and served in Thai homes every day as an accompaniment to virtually all Thai meals; from the simple to the exotic, from the hot and spicy to the mild and aromatic, and even as an ingredient in many Thai desserts.

At Khao San Thai Kitchen, you’ll discover an authentic Thai restaurant where Khao San (rice!) is just one of the items on a menu that contains a wide selection of authentic Thai dishes. Each dish is beautifully prepared and presented by Thai chefs who are past masters at the subtle art of Thai cookery. Blending the sour, sweet, salty, and bitter taste sensations of Thai ingredients, they create a harmonious array of dishes that epitomise the flavours of traditional Thai cuisine.  But the Thai food experience is not confined to the taste buds alone. Fresh herbs and spices tantalise with their delicate aromas and the care with which the dishes are presented provides a veritable feast for the eyes. 

The food is served by our friendly staff in sumptuous surroundings that incorporate Thai and Western design to evoke the vibrant and inspirational atmosphere of modern Thailand. We are situated on 17th Ave SW in the heart of Calgary’s bustling downtown area.  17th Ave SW, with its boutiques, restaurants, and its exciting nightlife, is a haven for Calgary’s diners, shoppers, and fun seekers both day and night. And, of course, 17th Ave SW’s old-world charms and its modern cosmopolitan atmosphere are a major attraction for our tourists and other visitors.

The Khao San Thai Kitchen is a Thai restaurant that combines a vibrant modern Thai atmosphere with excellent authentic Thai food and exceptional service. It is the perfect place to dine with family, friends and business colleagues, or to have a romantic meal with someone very special - we cater for private parties too.

Book a table now or simply drop in any time to experience the magic of delicious Thai cuisine cooked by our masterful Thai chefs and served in beautiful surroundings by our friendly, hospitable staff. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kob Koon Krub (Thank you in Thai)

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